Q: What games does Scepter Network have to offer?

A: Currently, we offer gameplay on both Minecraft PE(Bedrock) and Minecraft Java.

Q: Do we plan to add more games/gameplay to the Network?

A: Eventually, but it is going to have to be taken slow, and one step at a time.

Minecraft Seasons:

Q: What is a game season?

A: A season is where we reset the economy, worlds, player data, and more

Resets: stuff above, factions, clans, gangs, kit cooldown, private vaults, inventories, enderchests, and more

Does not reset: Ranks, Plots



Q: Why does this happen?

A: This happens so that players don't get bored of playing on the server from having a lot of money and nothing to do with it because their maxed out on island, faction or other upgrades. It gives a chance for a fresh start for them as well as new players.



Q: How long do seasons last?

A: At minimum: 3-4 months. At maximum: 6 months


Q: Does anything happen to my Premium Rank?

A: Nope as said above, you have your rank forever.


Q: What else happens after a season?

A: Players with top islands, money, factions, clans, gangs, etc get free rewards at the time of a new season after such as Buycraft credit or crate keys in game. Rewards will be different every season and chosen by the server Owner/Co-Owner.


Q: Does anything else happen after or at the time of a new season?

A: Mostly yes, we try to implement some new features to the server as well. We are always looking to improve! Typically always new hubs/spawns as well.

Staff Applications:

Q: How do I become a Staff Member on Scepter Network?

A: Read the rules, be active on the server/in the community & stand out. Report rule breakers, etc.

Q: Does having a premium rank better your chance as staff?

A: No.

Q: What Knowledge do I need to become a Staff Member on Scepter Network?

A: Common Sense and preferably staffing experience.

Q: Is there any apps or social media that is a must have to become a Staff Member?

A: Yes, Discord will be needed to be a Staff Member on Scepter Network, Discord is where StaffChats, Announcements, Updates, Support and more is taken place.

Q: Will not subscribing to the Owner on YouTube effect your Position?

A: 100% not (no).

Q: Is there ever any Staff Applications?

A: No not anymore, make sure you follow and read the rules, stand out in the community helping others. You will be contacted for an interview if we feel necessary that we need more staff and would like to choose you.

Staff Requirements:

- Have a Discord Account

- Be 14+ years old


Q: Can I have more than 1 alt account?

A: You can have as many as you want, but you can only have your main account and 1 alt account online at a time.

Q: What if an action (ban/mute) was taken against me and I did not know it was a rule?

A: Well, rules are rules. You will need to wait out the time. However you can open a Support Ticket on Discord or send an email to the official Scepter Network Email if you wish to make an appeal. However, keep in mind ALL actions by staff when doing a mute/ban/warn are logged with proof.

Q: What happens if I try to mute or ban evade?

A: Well again, rules are rules. This is against them. Therefore you will be ip banned/mute if you try to. Not only that, but your duration will also be extended.

IP: play.scepternetwork.com










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